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Fembot. 24. WA. Taken. I'm funny, depressed, anxious, an artist, a lover, a fighter, and a toker. Follow me down the rabbit hole if you like! ♡

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Well this week I work Monday Tuesday Friday and Saturday 12pm-4:30pm but it’s not a set schedule but if peeps wanna hang out on my days off hmu

Sep 21st 2PM / #me / 0 notes

So I never got a call about my schedule but I got a text today asking about my availability which is any day before 8pm really but I hope he doesn’t make me work late tomorrow night cause I got anniversary plansss

Waitin for the play to start

Waitin for the play to start

At the Lakewood Playhouse with my father

At the Lakewood Playhouse with my father

Sep 20th 7PM / #me #food #five guys / 7 notes
First time at Five Guys with my father, it’s pretty yummy! 😋

First time at Five Guys with my father, it’s pretty yummy! 😋

Omg they called me again today when they told me I wouldn’t be working but I actually have plans with my father today so I can’t go but luckily they’ll call later and let me know my official schedule or at least a schedule for next week lol

mggttss said: they will be calling you when someone calls in, once you’re trained. it sucks sometimes cause you dont wanna say no but you really dont wanna go in earlier/on your day off. hahaha minimum wage sucks

Sep 19th 9PM / #me #mggttss / 1 note

Yeah I understand that, and I make a bit above minimum wage which is surprising and I get benefits after 3 months of working full time I think, it’s pretty neat

mggttss said: they will call you every single time someone calls off. dont be afraid to say no. you dont have to do it.

Sep 19th 4PM / #me #mggttss / 1 note

I would say no but he’s still training me and wants me to get more comfortable serving peeps and whatnot and he is gonna teach me how to close tonight so I was working today anyways but I just didn’t think he wanted me to show up earlier


Courage the Cowardly Dog: Last of the Starmakers


How to Plant a Beautiful Garden 

Sep 19th 12PM / #me / 1 note

Damn I hope this doesn’t keep happening cause this is the second time they asked me to come in earlier than expected…and if people are calling in sick I hope I’m not next lol

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